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I believe that effective healthcare is a collaborative partnership between the patient and provider. I want to break down the hierarchy that often exists in healthcare systems. I strive to build strong relations with my patients and inspire them to make lasting changes in their health. My goal is to dig in to the root cause of your conditions and help initiate whole body healing.

Group Visits

I believe there is power in community. My philosophy for group programs is simple. I want to provide as much education as possible, create a safe space for participants to share and learn from each other, and keep the cost affordable. Naturopathic Medicine is not covered by insurance in Minnesota and can be out of reach for some patients. Group programs make Naturopathic Medicine more accessible. 


Naturopathic medicine is an important part of our healthcare system but unfortunately, many people do not have access to a naturopathic doctor in their community. I offer virtual educational consultations to help fill in the gaps. I act as a consultant on your case because unless you are seeing me in person in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I can't be your doctor. I can review all of your health history and help guide you with the help if your local care team. 


Dr. Barrett speaks on a variety of topics. If you have a specific topic or theme in mind we are happy to discuss what you feel would be most appropriate for your group, business or organization. Please contact us for more information.


Click below for a list of classes that are taught at various locations in the Twin Cities throughout the year. 


Dr. Barrett enjoys writing on a variety of health and wellness topics. 


I love running my own business. Many of us in the 'alternative' and 'holistic' health care realm are on our own building and running a practice. We don't have the support of a major health care system and insurance structure. We just want to provide excellent care to our patients but we have to worry about payroll taxes, phone bills, credit card processing, marketing and more! I want to help. I strongly believe in the power of holistic health care and I want every provider to be successful.

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