Group Programs

Group programs grew from a need for more community among my patients. I recognized how alone my patients felt in their conditions and how powerful it is to hear people share their stories. The group programming also allows more time to dig into the mechanisms behind your condition and why the treatments are recommended. Often times in individual visits we just don't have the time to reach this depth. Group visits offer the same foundational naturopathic care that you would receive in your initial visit. Each program is tailored to participants needs.  If you complete a whole group and still need more care you can go right to a follow-up and bypass the initial appointment. 


Are group programs right for you?

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Holistic Hashimoto's

This program includes 6, 90 minute sessions focused on the naturopathic treatments for Hashimoto's thyroiditis. 

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Holistic Blood Sugar Management

This program includes 6, 75 minute sessions with co-host Jesse Haas, LN and focuses on holistic treatments to manage blood sugar. 


Holistic Autoimmune Program

This program includes 6, 90 minute sessions focused on the treatment of autoimmune disease.


Are Group Programs Right for Me?

If you are still unsure of which type of visit to schedule please schedule a complimentary 10 minute call with Dr. Barrett


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