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Business Mentoring for Wellness Entrepreneurs

Dr. Barrett will be conducting all mentoring via phone or video conference. Please select your preference when scheduling.

I love running a business. That isn't something you hear often from a health care provider. Don't get me wrong, I became a health care provider because I am fascinated by human health and am passionate about providing excellent health care for my patients. I just also happen to really enjoy running a business. 


Unfortunately, if you are a holistic/integrative/alternative provider, it can be challenging to do the work you love because you need to spend time running your business. I don't think anyone starts a career in holistic medicine because they really want to be a small business owner. It's just part of the territory when you don't fit neatly into our established medical/insurance system. 


My love for business started young. Both of my parents have business degrees. My father is a serial entrepreneur and discussions around our dinner table often centered around his current venture. In college, I earned a certificate in business. I have always had a passion for medicine and when I chose Naturopathic Medicine I had an inkling of how much work it would take to start and run a small business. I got a big dose of reality when I started my private practice in a state where I didn't know anyone! A few years later, my practice was really growing and it was time to scale up. I joined forces with Jesse Haas and we started an integrative medicine clinic, Wellness Minneapolis. We wanted to create a space for holistic health care providers to thrive doing the work they love without having to work so hard on the business side. Now we are a team of 18 and growing. I want to help more health care providers struggle less and find their flow. 


How do you know if you need a business mentor?

  • You don't have a plan for growing your practice beyond "if you build it, they will come".

  • You have big dreams for your service offerings, but don't know how to fill your schedule/class/program.

  • Marketing feels like "selling" so your marketing plan consists of having a website and blogging (sometimes).

  • You love your work but aren't quite sure how to organize yourself to be efficient and effective in your client/patient management.

  • You aren't sure how to scale your business.

Business Mentoring Packages


Sessions are available in person at Wellness Minneapolis or virtually.

Calibrate | $85

45 minutes to discuss a business challenge you are currently facing

Focus | $320

Have a specific project you're working on? Get direction, feedback and accountability to get your website, program or business plan off the ground and running.  

Includes: One month of coaching includes 4 weekly coaching sessions (45 minutes) and email accountability. 

Steady | $600

Catching your flow with your business doesn't happen overnight. Get ongoing support with your wellness business whether you're just starting out or are committing/re-committing to your growth and sustainability. 

Includes: Weekly 30 minute sessions for 3 months (16 sessions) or 60 minute sessions every other week for 3 months (8 sessions). 

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