Individual Care

Individual care allows us to create an individualized plan based on your unique needs. During your first office visit, we spend 90 minutes reviewing your health history and making a plan together. Your treatment plan is holistic and tailored specifically for you. 


What to Expect

On your first visit we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation that explores:


  • Current health concerns

  • Medical history

  • Dietary habits

  • Lifestyle


This information allows Dr. Barrett to gain a complete understanding of your present condition and the root cause of your symptoms. From there, you will work together to create a plan that is customized to your lifestyle, budget, and beliefs toward health, healing and total body wellness. Future visits will provide the opportunity to assess your progress, address any of your concerns, and modify your plan as needed.


This evaluation is critically important to understand all the aspects of your health. Your doctor will also assess your risk for heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, etc., and develop a treatment plant to help prevent these chronic illnesses.


Patient Resources

Once your new patient visit is scheduled you will receive an invitation to join our medical records system, Charm. This is where you will fill out your health history forms, communicate with Dr. Barrett and where you will find results for labs that Dr. Barrett orders. Use the link below to access Charm. 

Dr. Barrett may recommend herbs and supplements. For your convenience, your prescription will remain up to date in an onfline pharmacy, Fullscript. You can order refills of your supplements with the link below. 

Is Individual Care Right for me?


If you are still unsure of which type of visit to schedule please schedule a complimentary 10 minute call with Dr. Barrett


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