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Holistic Hashimoto's Group

Struggling with Hashimoto’s?

Interested in meeting other people with similar concerns and struggles? 

Looking for a safe space to work on improving your health? 
I designed the Holistic Hashimoto's program after treating Hashimoto’s patients and realizing more time was needed during visits as well as recognizing the need for community support with autoimmune disease.

In this group, you will be led through naturopathic treatments for Hashimoto’s with a small group of people that you will get to know throughout the course.  It's important to me that the support continues even after the course is over so you will also have an opportunity to join an online community and drop into monthly meet ups. 

This group is a good fit if you are new to naturopathic medicine and if you are already working with a naturopathic/functional provider.

I offer this program every Winter (Jan-March), Spring (April-June), and Fall (August-November).


I look forward to working with you, 

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Praise for Holistic Hashimoto's Group
Praise for Holistic Hashimoto's Group
Praise for Holistic Hashimoto's Group
Praise for Holistic Hashimoto's Group
Praise for Holistic Hashimoto's Group

What We Cover

Each class is 90 minutes in duration and packed with information.
Dr. Barrett will facilitate the program and present new information in each class. Some of the topics include:

  • An overview of Hashimoto’s

  • Common lab tests and functional/naturopathic optimal ranges

  • Nutritional plan

  • Nutrients and supplements utilized in Hashimoto’s

  • Endocrine disruptors and impact on thyroid health

  • Adrenal function and how it relates to thyroid health 

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You will receive ‘homework’ assignments after each class. Sharing your experiences with the group is encouraged but not required. Introverts welcome! Each participant is invited to join the Mighty Networks group which serves as forum for all past Hashimoto's group participants to stay connected. 
Dr. Barrett has invited Jesse Haas, LN, to present during a portion of the fourth class. Haas will focus on sharing practical tips for stress reduction.
Dr. Barrett has also invited Erica Wallace Moore, reiki master, to present during the fifth class on the throat chakra and how that relates to Hashimoto’s. This class and homework will also incorporate a discussion on boundaries and expressive writing.

Still Have Questions?


If you still aren't sure if a group visit is correct for you please schedule a complimentary discovery call to discuss the course with Dr. Barrett. 

Hashimoto's Group Details

The class is limited to 8 participants to allow ample time for sharing and individualized discussion. 

The program costs $400 and payment is collected after the first class is completed. 

You will receive an email prior to each class with course materials. 

Recordings of Dr. Barrett's material will be available if you miss a class. The actual course is not recorded to allow for intimate sharing. 

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